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Having accumulated rich experience in group travel arrangements in Japan, including incentive tours, conferences, inspections and educational travels, Miyoshi Travel has developed rock-solid relationships with accommodation providers such as hotels and suppliers such as bus rental companies thanks to our remarkable achievements.

Besides planning travel products in Japan and providing services to overseas travel agents, we are also responsible for booking accommodation facilities, transportation means, catering venues, sightseeing spots and tour guides, as well as travel management. To meet the market needs for continuous personalization and diversity, we are committed to meeting customers' expectations via staff training and strengthening relationships with our suppliers.

It is our mission to offer foreign visitors an unforgettable travel experience in Japan. By informing you of the picturesque landscape of Japan, its rich culture, palatable food and once-in-a-lifetime Japanese-type service with our expertise, we'd like to make every moment of your journey count.

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Company name: Sanhao Co., Ltd

English name: MIYOSHI CO., Ltd

Phone: 03-6826-2297

Representative: Director Fuzawa Huimei

Funding: 6 million yen

Our store: No. 26-7, Nishikutani 3-chome, Ota ku, Tokyo, 144-0034

Business Office: 3F-6F, Akasaka Building, Shurik JP, 5-8 Akasaka 2-chome, Tokyo Metropolitan Port Area, 107-0052

Overseas business locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu,Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesian,Malaysia,America,Denmark

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E-mail: info@miyoshitravel.com
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Address:2-5-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan HULIC JP Akasaka Building 3F-6F
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